I caught the sewing bug in my youth and started sewing my own garments. Later, as a mother of two lovely daughters, I continued making clothes for my family and expanded my skills into home decor items.

Upon retiring in 2007, I discovered the art of quilting to be the perfect outlet to release my urge to be creative. In a very short time, quilting started to consume my life.

While I love shopping for beautiful fabric and threads , I equally enjoy creating unique fabric art through surface design. One of my greatest joys is designing and creating art quilts although I appreciate all types of quilts and quilters.

My enthusiasm for sharing my passion of quilting has continued to grow. In 2012, I opened, “Lisa Loves to Quilt”, as a business focusing on teaching quilting techniques as well as selling hard to find quilting supplies to local quilters.

Recently, my husband asked me if I was going to quilt my life away, I quickly responded without a second thought, I sure hope so.