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New Tutorials

Claudette's quilt frontI posted three tutorials on my website today. The first one is a, “quilt as you go” technique tutorial. The above quilt was created by Claudette Stultz, a member of the Bloomington Quilter’s Guild. She donates many of her quilts to the guild’s community quilt charity and the other members are always asking how she makes her beautiful quilts. She gave me permission to post a tutorial and you can find it under the teaching button on my website labeled, Quilt as You Go #1.

Flip and sew 4Claudette uses the “flip and sew method”, to create her blocks and I have included a separate tutorial to explain how it is done. It can be found under the teaching button on my website labeled, Flip and Sew.

Wonky Block quiltAnother tutorial that I have included has downloadable instructions on how to put together quilted blocks using wider sashings and additional batting. This one is nice if you choose to use bigger blocks and want to add a border. It can be found under the teaching button on my website labeled, Quilt as You Go #2.

I hope you will enjoy all of the new tutorials. Now, get busy and start quilting.

The Silk Necktie Purse

STP step 12Last Spring, I visited the Quilting Guild of Indianapolis and some of the ladies were showing off their sweet little purses that they had constructed from a silk necktie.  A very kind lady, Nancy Jo Clapp, had acquired the pattern from a friend in Florida and was sharing it with those who asked. She gave me permission to post the directions on my website, where you will find a picture tutorial and pattern by clicking on the teaching button.

I want to thank the many members of the Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilters Guild who came together for a complimentary workshop and reviewed my written directions while making the purse. Since I am not a pattern writer, their input was invaluable. Thank you guild members.

Quilting Perseverance

Place mat

A few months ago, I purchased a Juki TL 2200 Virtuoso Pro, 18″ long arm quilting machine and with it came a free reality check. After teaching free motion quilting  on domestic sewing machines for the last several years, my confidence was running high. How difficult could this be?

The first thing that I noticed when trying to long arm quilt is the sensation of having the grace of a pig trying to ice skate. Yikes! I was wobbly. My expectations were, after quilting a few small charity quilts, I would be quickly back to the top of my quilting game. Then reality set in.

I found it very difficult to follow the advice I give my students when teaching free motion quilting. Slow down and practice, practice, practice. Start out with small projects like place mats and charity quilts. Be patient. Nope, not me. Soon after quilting a few small projects, I loaded a mostly black, double size bed quilt on to the frame, quilting black on black and going half blind in the process. How quickly I had forgotten the difficulty and time it took to learn a new skill. It was so unrealistic for me to believe that guiding a 350 pound sewing machine on a quilt top was a similar quilting skill as pushing and pulling fabric under a needle. That said, I am still happy I purchased it. I am bonding with my new machine named Zelma Lou, after my maternal grandmother. One thing for sure, in the art of quilting there is always something new to learn. Perseverance and patience will eventually pay off. Practice, practice, practice.

Becoming a Butterfly

Becoming a butterfly       I saw this quote on Facebook the other day and credit was not given. Since Facebook is a wonderful resource for information and misinformation, I did a little research and discovered the quote came from the book, Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. I ordered the book and felt compelled to make a small quilt for my own pleasure and enjoyment using the quote for inspiration. The quote in the book is slightly different. It says, “she asked pensively.” It was already stitched so I’m leaving it as is.

The quote prompted me to think deeply about taking chances and never quit growing and changing. There are times when we get caught up in not believing in ourselves enough which brings me to another great quote in the book……”How can I believe there’s a butterfly inside me when all I see is a fuzzy worm?” I often hear quilters put themselves and their work down. Why is it so easy to criticize our own work when we would never talk that way to others? Be kind to yourself. There is a butterfly inside of you waiting to take flight.



Sweet Little Quilted Purses

IMG_3622I had been wanting to practice printing with thermofax/silk screens and Melanie Testa’s free pattern from Quilting Daily was the perfect pattern to showcase my efforts.  To make the purses you print, quilt and then sew together. I used fabric that I had previously painted or hand dyed for a unique background. The shell design can be purchased from Lyric Kinard and the owls from Cindy Losekamp.
Both ladies have wonderful tutorials on their websites.