Becoming a Butterfly

Becoming a butterfly       I saw this quote on Facebook the other day and credit was not given. Since Facebook is a wonderful resource for information and misinformation, I did a little research and discovered the quote came from the book, Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. I ordered the book and felt compelled to make a small quilt for my own pleasure and enjoyment using the quote for inspiration. The quote in the book is slightly different. It says, “she asked pensively.” It was already stitched so I’m leaving it as is.

The quote prompted me to think deeply about taking chances and never quit growing and changing. There are times when we get caught up in not believing in ourselves enough which brings me to another great quote in the book……”How can I believe there’s a butterfly inside me when all I see is a fuzzy worm?” I often hear quilters put themselves and their work down. Why is it so easy to criticize our own work when we would never talk that way to others? Be kind to yourself. There is a butterfly inside of you waiting to take flight.



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