Applique the “No-Sew” Lisa Way


Do you love the look of applique but not patient enough to hand sew or maybe you do not like the look of raw edged applique?

In this class, I can show you how to make beautiful faux applique, similar to the above sample, that will have your friends looking closely for your thread stitches but never finding them. Paintstiks. brushes and patterns are provided for classroom use to make the project in the picture above. For the more adventurous student, who wants to make an original custom design, I will teach you how to make a Hawaiian applique pattern.

Shiva Paintstiks is my secret,” go to technique”, on many of my art quilt projects.

6a00e54fba3dd88834017ee9b68a1d970d Besides, “no sew applique”, you will learn some of the different ways to use Paintstiks to enhance your quilts.  For questions on how to register for this class and a materials list, contact me at