Intro to Free Motion Quilting

6a00e54fba3dd88834017d4246f981970cDo you love the look of free motion quilting but think it is too hard to learn? Would you like to learn a new way to quilt with minimal or no marking the quilt top beforehand?

I feel that with a little practice, that almost anyone can learn to free motion quilt. You will receive a four hour course broken down in to two sessions of two hour classes. The first class will start out with twelve pages of handouts and a short lecture with tips on how to make your free motion experience successful. Then, hands on, free motion quilting instructions begin.

Instead of quilting a large quilt in class, you will start quilting several, 12.5″ square, quilt sandwiches that are much easier for the beginning quilter to manage. Once, you have conquered a few quilt squares, you will be given easy to follow handouts with instructions and I will show you how add sashings and borders to the quilted squares to complete your quilt. For a smaller project, you can turn your quilted squares in to a table runner.

       Close up view of a block.


Learning to free motion quilt can be a fun experience that will improve your quilting skills and open up possibilities on how to finish those quilt top flimsies, (unfinished quilt tops) that we all accumulate.

For class registration, a materials list, or if you have questions, please contact me at