MCSQ Name Tag Tutorial

The Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilter’s name tag can be a little tricky to paper piece.


There are two sizes of patterns. The one I made was the pieced one, not the paper pieced one. It is the larger pattern and I liked the size of it more than the smaller one. This tutorial will be how to paper piece the smaller pattern.  As you can see you will paper piece section A, B and C separately. I had not seen this method of paper piecing before and it totally confused me. Once I cracked the code it was easy, peasy after that.

Remember, the fabric pieces will be laid on the back side of the pattern and you will be sewing on the front side. Sew directly on the copy paper using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. The copy paper is very sturdy, I ripped out many stitches, and almost my hair, but didn’t rip any paper. Let’s start with the roof. Section A.


Lay #1 piece on the back of the fabric, right side out, do not sew yet. Now, lay piece #2 a blue sky piece, on top of the black as pictured, right sides together. Flip the pattern over and sew on the slanted black line between piece #1 and 2 as shown in the picture below. Note : if you find right side, wrong side of fabric confusing, use solids or batiks. Now, flip your pattern over to the back, trim the seam to 1/4 inch, flip seam so right sides of both fabrics are showing and press. Sew piece #3 the same way making sure your fabric will cover the section it is suppose to cover, including the seam allowance on the sides of the pattern.


Above is a view of the back of the completed pattern, section A. Finish section B and C of the pattern the same way, sewing in numerical order. When done with all 3, trim the sections leaving the 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides. ( Section C, was a little confusing, #1 red piece goes first, then #1 black triangle, then #2 blue, #3 blue and so on.) Leave the paper on and join the sections, right sides together.  Below, I am joining section A to section B matching up my seam allowance lines.


After sewing all of the sections together, square up and remove the paper, pulling parallel to the seam so  the stitching will not rip out. Make a quilt sandwich and quilt as desired. Finish with binding. You can then add ribbon or a tape measure of desired length and hang it around your neck or safety pin it to your clothing. Add your name to the bottom with a permanet marker or, if you are lucky enough to own an embroidery machine, you can embroidery your name. If desired, add cute buttons to dress it up and to make it distinct.  Now, stop staring and start sewing! Did you know there is a blog with that name?

Note: I paper pieced the larger schoolhouse using a combo paper piecing and piecing method. Divide your pattern in to 3 sections just like the paper pieced pattern and add 1/4 inch seam to all outside edges. On section B you will need to sew pieces #11 and #12 together and the top part of #4 and #9 together before adding them to the pattern. You will have to ignore the numbers on the pattern because they will not be in the correct order for paper piecing. You can kind of follow the numerical order of the smaller pattern.  Good Luck!