Nine Patch Shuffle

At the January meeting of the Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilter’s Guild, Dale Drake presented a program on creative ways to use a nine patch.  The first known dated nine patch quilt block was in the early 1800s. It was easy to make with a few scraps.  Dale showed us how, with a few cuts and turns, the nine patch can be very versatile.  Start with nine squares of any size. Sew them together, three rows down and three across.  A suggestion would be to make the middle square a strong focus fabric for dramatic results.

Cut the one big square in half horizontally and then vertically. Now you have four squares.


Now, twist them and turn them to make different designs.

Here is an example of a quilt using this method.  Below are some more nine patch ideas.



Dale then showed the audience another method that resulted in this stunning butterfly quilt.

For this method, use the four squares that resulted from the horizontal and vertical cuts. Take each square and add a different fabric square to the back with the right sides together and make two half square triangles. ( HST)  If you are unfamiliar on how to make HST this should help,


Now let’s rearrange them.


Here is another example of this method in a quilt created by Dale’s talented daughter, Andrea.


It is stunning. Notice how she used warm colors on the left and cool hues on the right.