Silk Necktie Purse

STP step 12The origin of this Silk Necktie Purse pattern is unknown. Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis member, Nancy Jo Clapp, was given the directions by a friend from another state.  Nancy Jo gave me her directions and permission to share the pattern on my website. Her generosity is very much appreciated. I rewrote the instructions to make them more web friendly and added pictures to aid the process.  I made every effort to create easy to follow instructions and tested them with some of the members of the Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilters Guild. I believe that every skill level should understand these directions but, as a disclaimer, I can’t guarantee perfect results for everyone. Here is the downloadable pattern. Now, go grab a necktie and have some fun.

Following the cutting instructions cut your necktie.

STP step 1 - CopyRemove the lining and stabilizer from the 8″ pieces only. Set aside the 6″ pointy piece as it will become your closure. Follow the instructions on sewing the silk pieces together.

STP step 2 - Copy Using the template, cut out two purse shapes from the silk pieces that you just constructed following the pattern directions.

STP step 3 - Copy Place the two silk pieces, right side up on to the muslin rectangles and sew around the edges of the silk pieces with a scant 1/4″ seam.  Using the silk purse shape for a template trim away the excess muslin.

STP step 4b - CopyWith right sides together, sew around the edges leaving the top open. Turn purse right side out. Follow the directions and add the flap and handles. The picture is showing a backside view of the purse.

STP step 7 - CopyAgain, follow the instructions and cut out the lining using the template. With right sides together sew the lining together leaving the top open and a 3″ opening in the bottom for turning. Do not turn the lining bag, leave wrong side out.

STP step 5 - CopyOnce again, as per the instructions, place the tie bag inside the lining bag, right sides together. Make sure the flap and cording is between the bag and lining. Follow the stitching instructions.

STP step 8 - CopyIf you have done this correctly, it is now time to birth your purse. Grab the silk purse through the 3″ opening and pull. I know, birthing involves pushing but that doesn’t apply here.

STP step 9 - CopyFollow the stitching instruction for top stitching the top edges and create a casing seam for the elastic.

STP step 10 - CopyInsert the elastic following the instructions. See it peeking out in the picture?

STP step 11If you wish to embellish the flap with the small leftover tip of the tie follow the directions in the instructions. I like to add the small tip of the necktie to give my flap a little more stability for the velcro fasteners.

STP 13Top stitch flap to secure.

STP#14Sew on the velcro fasteners or add snaps or buttons. A broach or beading will also customize your purse. Shop second hand stores for unusual ties.  Get creative with it. If you wish to share your finished silk necktie purses, I would love to see them.

Below, is my first necktie purse. I used clothesline wrapped with my leftover tie scraps and metallic threads for the handle, using a zig zag stitch to secure the silk and thread prior to adding it to my purse.

Purse # 2